Selling Property

This quick reference guide will help you more clearly understand the necessary steps of the sale process:

  • Once you have chosen a Real Estate Agent to market the property, either you or your agent can inform Katoomba Conveyancing accordingly.
  • We arrange for you to have a meeting with our Conveyancer so that the Contract can be prepared in accordance with your instructions and then forwarded to the Agent. The timeframe for preparing the Contract will depend upon Katoomba Conveyancing receiving the required documents from the relevant authorities. The property cannot be marketed until the Agent receives the Contract.
  • Once the Contract is completed and forwarded to the Agent, we then look forward to the Agent finding a Purchaser.
  • Once the sale has been negotiated, Katoomba Conveyancing will forward a copy of the Contract to the Purchaser's representative for approval and signature.
  • We negotiate in accordance with your instructions with the Purchaser's representative as to any request the Purchaser may have in relation to Contract amendments.
  • After both parties are happy with the terms of the Contract we then Exchange the Contract and the agreement becomes legally binding for both parties.
  • If there is a mortgage on your property, immediately after Exchange of Contracts we will contact your Lender and arrange for your Mortgagee's discharge documents to be prepared in readiness for settlement.
  • We arrange for you to sign the Transfer.
  • A suitable time for Settlement is then arranged between the parties.
  • Katoomba Conveyancing attends settlement on your behalf and will hand over the Title Deed and Transfer in exchange for a cheque for the balance of the sale funds.
  • Katoomba Conveyancing will then contact you and advise that Settlement has taken place.
  • The Selling Agent will receive an Order on the Agent, which will release the balance of the deposit to be released to you.
  • Any funds not required to payout the mortgage are collected by Katoomba Conveyancing at Settlement and banked according to your instructions.
  • After settlement, we will forward you a letter confirming settlement, the breakdown of settlement funds, along with our tax invoice.

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